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envizagae @ Bandcamp

envizagae is now on Bandcamp http://envizagaerecords.bandcamp.com

envizagae — 31.01.12, 04:34:40

KERO FM envizagae Spotlight

LAST NIGHTS KERO FM WITH LABEL SPOTLIGHT ON THE ENVIZAGAE LABEL. http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/63-Kero_FM-20120130-0200-t1327888800.mp3

envizagae — 26.01.12, 02:05:12

(envcd006) Verstaerker - Barrique ep

welcome Tino Nettling aka Verstaerker to the envizagae family.
his new ep Barrique is a diversified mixture of many styles such as techno, industrial, idm, droneambient, noise
but listen for yourself in the Netaudio section

verstaerker "barrique ep" preview from verstaerker on Vimeo.

envizagae — 09.07.11, 09:38:54

Riese farbaute

ENV(itre)'s track Octodze is featured in the first part of a three part fashion film series by Christian Straub

Dervishes In Space, Part One: ♎ (Libra) from Cristian Straub on Vimeo.

Here is a Interview with the Filmmaker (German)

envizagae — 26.06.11, 00:40:12

Mattan - Tumah (envcd029)

Out now Mattan - Tumah (envcd029)

Mattan raised and grew up in the south area of Israel, Matan started to play guitar and drums at the age of 15. As he played mainly with an angry metal Russian band, he started to experiment with industrial and electronic music.
During 2 years of sucking knowledge at the sound engineering school in Sapir College (Israel) he discovered new genres of electronic music such as IDM, drum & bass, ambient, dub-step, techno and basically whatever makes the stomach get kicked and stabbed.
Listen and buy the album in release section