envizagae — 29.02.08, 16:39:56

forthcoming 3 inch Yvat

The forthcoming release is from a romania based artist Yvat
called Mentation part 1
it's the first part of the mentation series on envizagae records.

Yvat lives in Bucharest, Romania managing his own sound design company there.
As a professional sound designer, Yvat implied himself in sampling industry and collaborated with Power FX, from Sweden and Ueberschall Sample Service GmbH, from Germany. At the present, he is one of Power Fx producers and his works can be found on company's web site: www.powerfx.com.
During the last 4 years yvat performed live concerts all across the continent and collaborated with artists from Germany, England, France, Belgium or even Israel--as more as the countries were yvat's projects have been released by local labels and were his music was promoted: U. K. (Experimental Seafood Records, Cactus Island Recordings, Uavtape), Belgium (SubliminalTapeClub), Germany (Minor Label, Patpong Records), Israel (G6PD Recordings), Romania (La Strada Music).

Download the mentation preview here:

Download MP3 2,4 MB

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